Cif launch partnership with English Heritage Posted on

Cif, one of the world’s leading cleaning brands from Unilever, has launched a campaign to promote their three year partnership with English Heritage. Together, Cif and English Heritage, the charity that cares for over 400 of the country’s finest historic sites, are going to make England shine by restoring our national sites and monuments.

‘Centuries of stains, dirt and grime. What better partner for Cif than English Heritage.’

Alberto Macciani, Cif global head of marketing explains, “Cif is committed to restoring the beauty of our surroundings, so we’re always looking for people and organisations that share our values to help us do it. Like Cif, English Heritage is dedicated to conserving and restoring our environment for the benefit of this, and future, generations.”

To kick off, this year Cif will be supporting the cleaning of the Quadriga, the largest bronze statue in Europe, that sits in pride of place on the Wellington Arch in central London. The sculpture depicts Nike, the Winged Goddess of Victory, descending on the chariot of war and dates back to 1912. Cleaning will begin in January 2016.

To launch ‘Making England Shine’ a national print campaign by creative agency DLKW Lowe will run in weekly and monthly magazines featuring the Quadriga and the new partnership logo. Content from the campaign will also feature on the new Cif website, launched in July,

Tony Hardcastle, Cif Global Creative Director DLKW Lowe “What an opportunity for two great brands to join forces. History has been known to repeat itself but it’s never been known to clean itself”

The ‘Make England Shine’ campaign will be further activated across Tesco stores in England. From 17th August until 6th September 2015 inclusive Cif will donate 25p for every pack bought, allowing customers to help restore their much-loved sites and monuments with every purchase. POS material for the Tesco stores featuring the Quadriga, created by activation agency Lowe Open, will launch on the 17th August and highlight the offer.