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Creative team James Millers and Andy Long have been awarded the June Aerial Award for their work with Persil. The Aerial Awards are a monthly celebration of the Best of British Radio Advertising and the people who make it happen, with judging carried out by some of advertising’s most respected figures. 

JUNE Winning ad: Persil ‘Future Jobs – Perfumer’

Gerry Human, Ogilvy & Mather London: When you listen to this month’s winner, you might think I’ve chosen a sticker. But hang in there. Although it starts off like a cheesy perfume ad, complete with husky voice and spa-style ambient music, the narrative takes a surprising twist, revealing that it’s actually for Persil (“Dirt is good”). It’s a great example of a well-crafted misdirect – a handy radio technique because, of course, you can’t see what’s coming. The actor’s performance is first-rate. She adds just the right amount of irony to the set-up and delivers the twist perfectly. The spot is well-thought-through and perfectly executed. That’s why it’s a winner for me.  

My three golden rules for a great radio ad

  •  Have an open mind. I interfere as little as possible – especially in the beginning. I prefer to keep things loose and try a few test scripts. Experimenting on radio is relatively inexpensive. We always get a better result when we start with an open mind.
  •  Don’t try too hard. There are brilliant studios, engineers and actors in London so, when you have a great idea, work with the best talent and let them get on with it. People are used to irritating and overproduced ads shouting at them, so simple ideas work best.
  • Don’t be in a hurry. Most radio ads try to squash in as much as possible. The best ones strip it all out and make a single point. Just like any other medium, I guess.

Title: Future jobs – perfumer
Client: Persil
Agency: DLKW Lowe
Writers: Andrew Long, James Millers
Producer: Camille Hanish-Oakes
Post-production: Grand Central Recording Studio –
Sound engineer: Ben Leeves
Voiceover artists: Abigail Leeves, Vinette Robinson

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