DLKW Lowe Chairman Tom Knox opens 2015 NABS Tuesday Club Talks Posted on

Opening the inaugural NABS Tuesday Club Talks for 2015, DLKW Lowe chairman Tom Knox provided an in depth and candid insight into ‘Lessons learnt through starting an Ad Agency’ on Tuesday January 13th.

Having founded Delaney Lund Knox Warren with his partners in 2000, Tom openly declared drive and creativity as vital components in the initial stages of a start up to retain clients’ trust – a reality mirrored by his belief that “you are defined by your clients and the work you do for them.” Details were given of the original pioneering campaigns that contributed to defining DLKW’s presence within the UK market, a position that led them to become the largest non-network agency prior to its merger in 2010 with Lowe and Partners.

As the current IPA President Elect for 2015/6, Knox shared the 7 principles he has come to acquire throughout his time in the advertising industry. Placing strong importance on workplace culture he explained, “life is too short to work with people you don’t like or trust”. This sentiment is what he believes to be responsible for “creating a workplace culture that remains amongst the top reasons staff choose to work for you, and clients remain with you.”

Further details on upcoming NABS Tuesday Club Talks can be found on their website http://www.nabs.org.uk