Top 3 spot for DLKW Lowe in AAR New Business report 2014 Posted on

The 2014 New Business annual report, released by AAR in early February, placed DLKW Lowe within the top 3 agencies for New Business wins and opportunities, cementing 2014 as the most successful year for new business since the Lowe and Partners merger.


With an 84.6% pitch conversion rate DLKW Lowe captured 11 wins from 13 opportunities, according to the AAR stats. The new client additions recognise the agency’s strength both domestically and abroad, with The Post Office, Lenovo, Rémy Martin and The British Heart Foundation amongst the successful pitch wins.

The Lowe and Partners network also recognised DLKW Lowe’s new business record awarding the agency the ‘New Biz Win of the year’ award at the 2014 Global Leadership Meeting