Our campaign for thetrainline.com’s supports the launch of the incredibly helpful thetrainline.com app. The campaign demonstrates that you’d be crazy if you booked train tickets any other way by irreverently celebrating everything that thetrainline.com app can help you with as well as everything it can’t, with the playful tag line “Brilliant for train stuff. Rubbish for anything else.”

The campaign highlights just how brilliantly useful the trainline.com app is in a smart and memorable way by pointing out everything that it isn’t in fact capable of. In a series of TV executions directed by Tim Bullock, we follow a man trying (unsuccessfully) to use thetrainline.com app to save him from various non-train-related situations, from wardrobe malfunctions to inexplicable IT problems and sky dives.

The TV campaign aired with a 30” film in April 2014, focusing on thetrainline.com’s save 43% messaging. Additional content will be released throughout 2014 focusing on the benefits of the app including live departures, platform information and save before midnight – a new extension on saving for last minute travellers.