Lenovo, the world leader in convertible notebooks and traditional commercial desktops, today announces the launch of its latest global campaign for the YOGA product range.

Designed for millennials with innovation and flexibility at it’s core, with the YOGA product range Lenovo are embracing #Goodweird. Things that are weird, but in a good way. Like notebooks with hinges that have more parts than the rest of the product; desktops with a screen the size of a coffee table; and tablets with a projector, a subwoofer and a hook to hang them on your wall. They are designed for those who are proud to be different. They are weird, but they are #Goodweird.

The fully integrated global campaign, created by agency DLKW Lowe, brings together a new brand film for TV and cinema, ‘Pioneers’, together with individual product films, print, digital and OOH.

At the centre of the integrated campaign is the 60” TVC ‘Pioneers’, a darkly stylish film directed by Markus Lundqvist of Knucklehead (Daft Punk ’Derezzed’, Burberry ‘My Burberry’).

In the film we see an atmospheric gallery setting transformed by a series of unusual projections and sculptures, examples of Goodweird from the past, present and future.

As we tour through the gallery, the VO asks ‘Where would we be without weird?’ Light from the YOGA Tablet projector cuts through the space and we see footage of a man with a rudimentary flying machine, a bag phone from the 1980’s, and an early hovercraft alongside slick black aircraft and augmented reality headsets.

Watch the Pioneers film https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2AXcV4Yswk

The YOGA product range includes the YOGA Notebooks with the revolutionary light and flexible watchband hinge design. The YOGA Tablets that allow you to use it in four different ways – Stand, Tent, and Tablet with inbuilt projector, first ever tablet subwoofer and new hang mode.

As part of the campaign the YOGA product range will be brought to life in a series of remarkable product-specific films directed by Greg Barth of BlinkInk. Each of the five executions feature a 3D printed set that flows organically, filmed using stop motion to produce an innovative, highly crafted film at the vanguard of 3D printing.


DLKW Lowe was appointed by Lenovo in June 2014 to handle the global re-launch of the YOGA product line following a competitive pitch. In October 2014 DLKW Lowe launched a fully integrated global campaign re-launching Lenovo’s next generation Yoga products and featured Lenovo “product engineer” Ashton Kutcher, appointed as brand ambassador in October 2013.