Flavour is at the heart of everything Knorr does, and the brand is passionate about inspiring a new generation of millennial foodies, weaned on pop ups, supper clubs, super star chefs and bloggers-turned-cookery-writers. How? By creating new compelling, sharable content that is rooted in people’s personal experiences of flavour and food.

The ‘Love at First Taste’ campaign combines a thought provoking film with an interactive tool that provides an innovative platform to celebrate our shared pleasure of food and encourage discovery around flavour preferences, all backed by an online global research project.

One of the key findings of Knorr’s research was that we are more likely to be attracted to someone who shares our flavour profile. To test this theory Knorr conducted a social experiment with a twist – pairing complete strangers, based on their love of the same flavours, which was discovered using the Knorr Flavour Profiler.

Created by Creative Integrated Marketing Agency, MullenLowe and developed & directed by filmmaker Tatia Pilieva of Pulse Films, whose viral movie ‘First Kiss’ won a Gold Lion at Cannes in 2014, the 3 minute film saw a group of 14 singles paired on their flavour profiles, to see if a shared passion for certain tastes would create chemistry between the couples.

You can watch the film here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwx7NnPQ44U to find out the results and find out if it was really #LoveAtFirstTaste.

Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva explains, “People have connected over a meal for ages.  What better way to test chemistry than pairing strangers and asking them to feed each other.”

This campaign is part of a wider drive to develop a more progressive way to communicate with Knorr’s customers and sees the launch of a new brand direction for Unilever’s largest food brand. Targeting a new generation of food-obsessives who see social media as the place to share recipes, pick up tips from bloggers and vloggers, upload food ‘porn’ dishes onto Instagram and share their their foodie discoveries. Knorr is shifting the focus of the brand to reflect this new landscape, by delivering an integrated digital campaign that speaks directly to the millennial world of social sharing, personal expression and an enthusiasm to try new recipes and tastes.

Ukonwa Ojo, Senior Global Director for Knorr at Unilever says: “We are on a journey to help a new generation discover the joy of cooking by encouraging them to explore new flavours and create dishes that are delicious – and look great on social media. We want to inspire the innovative food moment that is happening right now, by helping people to recognise the importance of flavour and the richness it brings to everyday life.”

“In a world where millions of people are searching for love, flavour is a part of your personal profile that everyone’s ignored, until now. Imagine going on a date with someone not because of the way they looked, but because of favourite flavours you had in common. We tried it and watched personalities come alive and connections sizzle,” says MullenLowe Global Creative Director, Tom Hudson.

To inform the campaign Knorr asked 12,000 people in 12 countries to tell them what flavour means to them, to get a genuine understanding of the crucial role it plays in everyday life.

Inspired by the huge popularity of personality quizzes, Knorr has also created an innovative Flavour Profiler, which will sit on the Knorr ‘Love at First Taste’ site. This bespoke tool allows people to find out which of the 12 flavour profiles fits them best: Salty Adventurer; Roasted Romantic; Gracious Grazer; Tangy Dynamo; Meaty Warrior; Spicy Rebel; Sweet Sensualist; Deep Sea Dreamer; Rustic Ranger; Earthy Idealist; Potent Provocateur or Melty Indulger. People can then share their Knorr Flavour Profile on social channels to see which of their friends, or romantic interests, is their best match.

The profiler also uses flavour preferences to create tailor made recipe recommendations based on your preferences. Knorr has partnered with YouTube foodies, TasteMade, to develop snappy, sharable recipe videos that are easy to follow and to share.

This fresh approach builds on the success of Knorr’s moving 2015 film ‘The Flavour of Home’, which is the most viewed online food film ever, attracting over 100 million views.

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