Calor Gas, the UK’s leading supplier of liquefied petrol gas (LPG), has launched a major new integrated campaign positioning Calor as a modern, and better, alternative to oil. The ‘One Day’ campaign runs across TV, radio, digital and print.

In the ‘One Day’ campaign Calor are targeting the three million homes in the UK off the mains grid, the majority of which are currently using oil from large tanks as their central heating fuel. In the heart warming campaign, children describe the problems they have with their current energy supply before revealing how switching to Calor can solve those problems today, from space-saving underground tanks, to state-of-the-art fuel delivery systems to lower CO2.

The campaign also sees the launch of Calor’s new end line: ‘Put some Calor in your life’.

Andrew Brotherton, Head of Marketing at Calor Gas comments “This new TV campaign kick starts a new era for the Calor brand – bringing to life our forward-thinking home energy proposition to rural Britain”

 In an industry leading move Calor will be one of the first tranche of advertisers to harness Sky’s new ADSmart service allowing precision targeting of TV to specific ‘off the grid’ postcodes ensuring that the majority of oil fuel users will see the commercials. Planned & bought by Walker Media the media campaign utilises a localised blend of offline channels targeted via mosaic groups in order to build path-to-purchase consideration, allied with a full-suite of postcode directed digital display and PPC together with relevancy filters to harvest interest.