Today OMO/Persil are celebrating Outdoor Classroom Day (OCD); a global movement that sees millions of teachers getting their classes outside and celebrating the benefits of both outdoor play and learning.

Over the last 30 years, studies have shown that the time children have to play at school is fast reducing. The time spent outdoors has halved in the last 10 years, with schools dedicating less space and time to play outdoors. 90% of our lives is spent indoors.

To communicate OMO/Persil’s point of view that the world is the greatest classroom and to support OCD, MullenLowe London have produced a 60” online film, aimed to raise awareness and get as many people signed up and involved in today’s OCD. The film has been released in France, Brazil, UK and will be running in Australia and South East Asia later this year.

The action for schools is simple – take at least one lesson outside and shine a spotlight on playtime, celebrating how important it is for children. From using natural objects such as stones and leaves to practicing numeracy, den building and bug collecting or creating a treasure hunt – all to help children embrace learning through play in the outdoors.

Charlotte Brookes, Global Account Director for OMO/Persil at MullenLowe London explains:

“The world is the greatest learning environment for a child. Being outside, active, and interacting with people/ animals/ nature teaches children lessons ranging from communication skills to the principles of physics. That’s why Persil supports Outdoor Classroom Day (OCD). Together, we have got over 1 million children in 9000 schools outdoors on one day, a terrific achievement that we’re really proud to be part of.”

Today marks the 3rd Outdoor Classroom Day spearheaded by the OMO/Persil brand, which is part of the Dirt is Good campaign.

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